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Condo Insurance

With thousands of condo owners residing in New Jersey, the need for condo insurance is essential and in demand. While most of these condo owners pay into a community insurance policy, this does not give them individual protection within their condo. At Costa Do Sol Agency Inc., you can get the coverage you need with an individual condo insurance policy.

Protect Your Personal Property

Like living in a home, your condo houses your personal items and everything that belongs to you. It can be furniture, equipment, clothing, or appliances that are damaged in a natural disaster and need to be replaced. They can also be damaged if your condo is involved in an accidental fire, theft, or vandalism attack. Without condo insurance, it can be difficult to cover the cost of these items.

Get Liability Protection

Being able to enjoy your condo life with pets or children is important to many condo owners. These condo owners find it essential to carry condo insurance simply for the liability coverage of an insurance policy. Too many pet owners find themselves in situations where their pets may have bitten a guest or damaged their property. With children, they enjoy having friends over and spending time with them. Unfortunately, accidents can happen, and someone can end up hurt while in your car and your condo. Should you be found liable for damages in either of these situations, your condo insurance will help you cover the cost.

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